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Cognitive Behavior ManagementSM: The process of teaching people the skills and attitudes necessary to associate with others in ways that are mutually satisfactory and gratifying. This process includes three components:

  1. balls-homepageCognitive Rehabilitation: This has two components, cognitive restructuring and cognitive error correction. The first deals with a much deeper structure of thought.
  2. Social Skill Building: The process of teaching both social [interpersonal] and thinking skills to improve performance.
  3. Culture Restructuring: The process of seeding the culture with memes [sounds like genes], artifacts, icons, and rituals of prosocial competence.

The purpose of this site is to enable people who manage people to do so in a manner which enhances the ability to create and maintain mutually satisfying and gratifying relationships.

Jerome R. Gardner


Unless specifically noted all materials are written by Jerome R. Gardner. As you will see by the size of the library contents, the materials are substantial. Since most of the writing was developed as think papers and not for publication, there will inevitably be some areas without proper citation. If you come across any, please notify the site manager and it will be rectified. Other than that, readers may use all materials. While I would prefer recognition, it is not necessary.