19 Finding and Using Evidence

Is evidence-based a process that human services should use and what evidence should be collected. Evidence: Something that gives a sign or proof of the existence or truth of something or that helps somebody to come to a particular conclusion.

20 Criteria For Psychological Intervention

The protocols for referral for psychological services need to be clearly identified and related to expected outcomes. Too often referents are unclear as to what constitutes a problems that should be addressed psychologically and psychological counselors are unclear about expected outcomes.

21 Preparing for a Program Audit

This article is concerned with how to measure the efficacy of a cognitive behavior management culture. In order to do so, one must find a consistent understanding and implementation of cognitive behavior management messages from management to staff and staff to clients.

22 Quality Circles – Adaptations for Human Services

Human service delivery faces the challenge of providing quality services to people with problems in living while under ‘command and control constraints from federal and state regulations. A tool that may help meet this challenge is the quality circle, a management technique borrowed from Japanese industry that has gained popularity among American managers.

24 Transformational Organizations

Making a shift in a system of human services from a medical model to a cognitive behavior model requires significant design changes within all factors of the system. When such changes are attempted, managers often attempt to address only one part of the system at a time because they are convinced that such practices are pragmatic.