Jerome R. Gardner

Educational Background:

MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK degree in Psychiatric Group Work, University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP SEMINAR, Fels Institute of State and Local Government, University of Pennsylvania

SUPERVISOR CERTIFICATE – Advanced course in Social Work Supervision, University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work.

NOT FOR PROFIT MANAGEMENT – Social Administration and Management for Executive Directors [SAMED], Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and the Business School of LaSalle University.



PRINCIPLES IN BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, Institute for Behavior Modification

Professional Background: Institute for Cognitive Behavior Management
09-97 to
CEO / President
The CEO maintains the process of collecting and synthesizing information and creating products which include books, training plans, protocols, techniques and procedures. The CEO also provides the expertise on program audits. Both the CEO and the COO reach out to the Training Institutes of child serving public agencies to negotiate training through these Institutes.

The Institute is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to increasing the skills of individuals in the management of children and people with problems in living. With the creation of the web site, the materials regarding cognitive theory and interventions were made available to a wide audience. In 2003 the site was expanded to include specific tools for immediate use of individuals and organizations.

The corporation will expand into a full training and development organization in the near future.

PA Department of Education: Bureau of Special Education
Statewide Support Initiative – Eastern Instructional support Center — King of Prussia, PA
09-97 to
Interagency Coordinator: Chester County Intermediate Unit
Responsible for the development of cognitive behavioral capacity in all child serving agencies including mental health/mental retardation, child protection and corrections and the unlinking of functions in the child serving system in order to create a unified “learning system”.
07-96 to
Pennsylvania Department of Education Representative
Responsible for providing management and service delivery technical assistance to the Chester Upland School District in regard to the implementation of the Orders & Stipulations of the Duane B. and Cordero Court Orders.
Major accomplishments include:
  • Developed electronic data tools to enhance CUSD’s ability to monitor suspensions, school based meetings, academic and behavioral performance of class members.
  • Provided cognitive behavior management strategies to serve children with serious emotional disturbance.
  • Developed technical assistance materials and training in regard to career education, community relations, social competence, crisis intervention and serious emotional disturbance.
07-94 to
Special Consultant/Interagency Collaboration
Responsible for developing system-wide cognitive behavior management strategies for school districts and related agencies [mental health/mental retardation, children & youth, family court, etc.] in order to meet the needs of the Cordero Class. Primary focus: Philadelphia
Major accomplishments include:
  • Developed rationale, proposal, orientation and partial skill book for cognitive behavior management with individual and environmental approaches.
  • Developed a Workbook of draft protocols for school districts to use in developing and implementing interagency meetings.
  • Drafted and coached Philadelphia School District in the development and execution of a Request for Proposal to train facilitators for Individual Education Planning & Interagency Meetings
PA Department of Education: Bureau of Special Education
Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health / Mental Retardation Program — Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
07-90 to
County Administrator
Responsible for the direction of the County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Program through planning, development and coordination of the service delivery system. Developed local social policy and through contractual relationships with local organizations provided opportunities for people with mental and emotional disabilities to be part of and participate in the same valued experiences and life events as do other citizens.
Major accomplishments include;
  • Developed cognitive behavior management strategies and training for provider agencies.
  • Developed a statement of mission; principle values based on cognitive behavior management tenets; and an ethical code for the program.
  • Developed reorganization of the county administrative office to include research, client tracking information and quality assurance.
  • Moved 25% of the mental retardation residence out of structured living environments into less restrictive, supportive settings.
  • Reduced substantially the psychiatric hospitalization of children and of people with mental retardation.
  • Increased family supports by almost 275%.
The Horizon Group
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
02-79 to
President/Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for total administration of the organization which consisted at my departure of five separate corporations and served people in seven counties in two states. The original corporation, Horizon House, was the second psychosocial rehabilitation agency in the world and the leader in the use of positive expectation with people labeled as “chronically mentally ill”.
Major Accomplishments include;
  • Helped create an environment for psychosocial rehabilitation [cognitive behavior management] in the States of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • Increased budget from 2.3 million to 19 million dollars, increased staff from 63 to 650, and increased number of people served from 450 to 3,500 annually.
  • Created the Institute for Research & Training in cognitive behavior management. Provided cognitive behavior management training to the State of Israel, Mental Health and the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work. Provided consultation to mental health organizations around the world.
  • Created first programs in the United States for homeless people with mental health and substance disabilities.
  • Created real estate corporation which increased assets 600 percent and provided living arrangements for over 600 people.
Federation Day Care Services
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
08-78 to
Assistant Executive Director
Responsible for administrative and financial systems: grant and proposal development; direction of the training program; direct supervision of two day care branches.
Major Accomplishments include;
  • Developed manual of financial policies and procedures
  • Organized chart of accounts integrating all funding source charts.
  • Reorganized total agency budget into functional format.
  • Wrote proposal, negotiated and received funding for training.
Bensenville Home Society, Inc.
Bensenville, Illinois
02-77 to
Director of Social Services
Responsible for the overall direction of Family Services Department: including family and individual counseling, maternity counseling, pre-school and special needs adoptions and foster family care; Retired Senior Volunteers Program [RSVP]; and a 34 bed geriatric nursing home.
Major Accomplishments include;
  • Reorganized and developed functional budgeting for social services
  • Developed and implemented a pre-retirement counseling program.
  • Developed and implemented an emergency shelter service.
  • Developed a Family Service Committee for the board.
  • Created a qualitative rating system for foster care dispensations.
  • Designed and coordinated a time/cost analysis for foster care, pre-school, and special needs adoptions.
Diversified Community Services, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
08-72 to
Executive Director
Responsible for total administration. Defined direction, techniques and programs, accountable for service delivery, financial, maintenance, safety, personnel and corporate issues of the agency. Developed and recommended appropriate board actions in the area of policy.
Major Accomplishments include;
  • Moved agency from recreational to social service orientation.
  • Expanded budget from $450,000 to $1,500,000.
  • Developed and expanded Title XX day care services.
  • Created youth service system and juvenile delinquency prevention concept.
08-70 to
Assistant Executive Director
09-66 to
Associate Director/Coordinator of Program Development
09-65 to
Branch Director/ Dixon House
Bellevue Community Center
Scranton, Pennsylvania
06-64 to
Executive Director
Additional Information:
Selected Addresses:
  • Speaker & Workshop Leader, World Congress for Mental Health, New Zealand, Changing Paradigms. In Search of a Consistent Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practice.
  • Keynote Speaker, New England Chapter, International Association of PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Services, Inc., New Hampshire, Changing Paradigms.
  • Keynote Speaker, Day Treatment Association of Georgia, Principles in PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Practice
  • Speaker, National Federation of Settlements, Washington, D. C., Towards Distributive Income.
  • Lecturer
    • University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work
    • University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
    • Temple University Department of Community Services
    • University of Scranton Department of Sociology
    • Marywood University School of Education
    • Misericordia College
    • Keystone Junior College
Selected Publications:
  • Changing Paradigms – From defect to competence approaches Psycho- Social Rehabilitation Journal – 1988
  • The Ethics and Responsibilities of the Not for Profit Manager – Exploring how cognitive behavior management principles underpin not for profit management. Journal of Voluntary Action Research – 1986
  • Scanning the Environment – Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal – 1985
  • Homeless – Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal – 1984
Leadership Positions:
  • Treasurer, International Association of PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
  • President, Philadelphia Alliance of Specialized Mental Health/Mental Retardation Agencies
  • Secretary, Treasurer, Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Treasurer, Greater Philadelphia Association of Day Care
  • Chairman, Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements
  • Chairman, National Delegate, Lackawanna County Chapter, National Association of Social Workers
  • Delegate, Pennsylvania Association of Social Workers
  • Chairman, Lackawanna County Health and Welfare Council Advisory Committee.
Governance &
Policy Development:
  • Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements
  • National Federation of Settlements
  • Juvenile Justice Commission of Philadelphia
  • Greater Philadelphia Association of Day Care
  • Chicago Metropolitan Area Protective Service
  • Group for Action Planning
  • DuPage County Child Welfare Consortium
  • DuPage County Child Development Council


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