Training Material

Training is a crucial element to the success of any management program. We’ve developed these training shows and accompanying lesson plans and offer them at no charge to you. All topics include a PPT file available for download from the list below. Topics available online are noted and linked to the online material.

Please keep the branding intact, or contact us directly for permission to modify this training material.

PowerPoint Presentations

These presentations are set up so that you can use them to do your own training. A suggested method is to print the NOTES page (At the top, you click on view, then down to NOTES page) of the presentation. This will give you a copy of both the slide and information you may consider using as you speak about the slide. Of course, the more you know about the subject, the more you may add to the conversation. You may also, if you choose, make a copy of the NOTES pages into a booklet for each participant to follow along and/or take with them as a refresher.

Practice Presentations

Theory Presentations

Management Presentations


Materials for Training Trainers