20 Cognitive Behavior Management Orientation

Our awareness is the end product of an immensely complicated and imperfectly understood process, taking place in the central nervous system. What reaches our brain via the nervous system is not a meaningful picture of freestanding objects, but a deluge of nerve impulses.

19 Self

Most of us intuitively believe we have a self and that this self is in some way capable of ‘free will’. Some, with a metaphysical bent, contrast the self and the soul, or combine the self and the soul, thus making two non-definable entities into one. Self is in some way also connected to another non-definable concept of the ‘mind’.

18 Creating Me

Each of us creates our own reality and decides how we will relate to that reality. The style and attitudes we choose creates our personality, for what are we if not our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

17 Consciousness

In 1988 Bernard J. Baars published A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness which provides the final piece of our theoretical puzzle. The book is concerned with conscious and nonconscious processes. Consciousness is not something we can observe directly, other than in...

16 Fear Anxiety and Attachment

These affects or as generally referred to, emotions, are the major methods of human beings of valuing an event or experience and contribute a great deal to the way we experience the world and how we create our world view.