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Instructional Guide for Training Trainers

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Compiled by Jerome R. Gardner

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The Purpose of this Instructional Guide

The purpose of this outline is to provide to a trainer a menu or prompt of informational materials that are important to the understanding of Cognitive Behavior Management. Some of the material is duplicative simply because the theoretical and philosophical concepts are consistent and overlapping. The idea of the guide is to be able to follow a five [05] step process in planning a training session:

  1. Know your audience – what do they know and what do they need to know?
  2. Given the constraints of time and other logistics of the training, what is the best approach?
  3. Using a copy of the guide – highlight those areas that seem most relevant to this group of participants at this time.
  4. Cut and paste the highlighted areas into a training agenda [new document].
  5. Review the agenda and add whatever else is necessary.

It is expected that the trainer will then be able to use this material along with his or her own knowledge of the subject matter to provide the training.

If one is training trainers to the optimal level, one would use the entire guide over a sixty hour period. It is likely to be helpful to have full day sessions, but to separate these days into one session weekly so that the material is not overwhelming. Each potential trainer will be provided with a guide for his or her own continued study and for the purposes identified above.

It is unlikely that someone can learn the material necessary just by studying the guide. However, this beginning can lead the learner to direct their attention to further study in these areas.


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