01 Family Circle

The Family Circle is a product of the Institute for Cognitive Behavior Management which maintains the sole rights to the product, although these may be contracted to participating professionals. BACKGROUND GOAL BASED SCENARIOS This learning environment is designed to...

02 Decisions – A Cognitive Change Program

Provided for adolescents with problems in living A Facilitator’s Manual OPTIONS, is an organized framework for cognitive restructuring with a specific focus on antisocial behaviors upon which this program is based. It is one component of a comprehensive cognitive...

04 The Autism Network

This document was created by a committee of participants [Names are included at the end of the document] representing both the government administration [County and State] and the provider organizations over seven meetings [149.5 person/hours] from July to October of 1998. The result was compiled by Mr. Gardner and proposed to County Officials. Many of the recommendations, but not all were implemented.

05 Autism – A Cross System Plan

Modifying a system of care is a process of such exquisite complexity that, often, when it occurs, we do not seem to understand what made it happen. We typically experience great difficulty both in identifying the precise variables that led to the change and in explaining the ways in which those variables interacted.