Teacher Techniques

While the title may be incongruent [Procedure/Technique] we will allow the Slavic dolls to confuse the title, but not the nature. These are techniques that can be used by teachers to achieve specific goals. However, they are more similar in some ways to group instruction and play. Their overriding characteristic is that they involve a helper with a group of people and thus have a connection and characteristics of that multi-person milieu.

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41 Solution Focused Brief Counseling

I OVERVIEW, DESCRIPTION, AND RATIONALE A General Description of Approach Solution Focused Brief Counseling [SFBC] was developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. After spending many years studying problem behavior and trying to change it, they switched to...

42 Psychological First Aid

This material is generally excerpted from Salikeu's book - Crisis Intervention -1990 with additional commentary from Haldane's book - Emotional First Aid - 1988. Crisis Intervention - What to do until professional help arrives. This technique is based on the concept...

43 Possible Selves

INTRODUCTION In this technique we examine the shape and development of the possible selves of adolescents 13 to 16 years of age. More than any other time in life, adolescence is the stage of possibility and of the promises as well as the worries that attend this...


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