01 Quick Concepts of Cognitive Behavior Management

Birds fly because they believe they can; one moment of doubt and they would plummet to the earth. Unknown The centipede was happy quite Until the toad, in fun, Said, pray, which leg moves after which? This raised her doubts to such a pitch She fell distracted in the...

09 Language & Thinking

Abstract: Human beings have developed consciousness through the use of language symbols. With this innovation, humans became capable of an awareness of their own mental processes and through that event become amenable to modification and adaption of the very schemata which creates their reality. The result is that each individual, within some limitations, has the capacity to modify their own reality to make it more satisfying.

06 Communication

Since human services provided to people with problems in living are contingent upon the sharing of information, it is surprising how little concern has been shown in regard to our words. If we intend to help people help themselves, it is imperative that we examine closely our words. It is difficult to change a language. But there is a subtle degree of truth to our language as well. We need to examine truly our own mental schema and evaluate how much we believe these terms. If thinking controls behavior and communication is a behavior, we must posit that the use of words has at least some bearing on our belief system.