06 Repertory Grid Technique

The Repertory Grid is an instrument, based on Personal construct Theory, designed to capture the dimensions and structure of personal meaning. Its aim is to describe the ways in which people give meaning to their experiences in their own terms. It is a structured interview designed to make explicit those constructs with which persons organize their world. The way in which we get to know and interpret our environment, our understanding of ourselves and others is guided by an implicit and self created theory of meaning which is the result of conclusions drawn from our experiences. The repertory grid is a method used to explore the structure and content of these implicit theories (personal meanings) through which we perceive and act in our day-to-day existence.

01 Anger Control

This session focuses on the third elements the anger process, distorted thinking. Often we “talk ourselves” into becoming angry. We make automatic and almost “unheard” comments to ourselves, which flame the anger rising inside of us.

Management Resources

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Specific Intervention Strategies

IX SPECIFIC INTERVENTION STRATEGIES A. Protocols # 01 Depression – Helplessness is the major characteristic of depression. Other symptoms may include: sadness, lack of interest, lack of energy, exertion, withdrawal, hopelessness, appetite change: gain or loss of...